El Lissitzky & Kandinsky vs. Gamification

Proun is a strange racing game in a world of geometric objects and large coloured surfaces. You avoid obstacles by rotating around a cable in order to gain as much speed as possible. There is no up or down; there is only the cable to which you are attached.

The name 'Proun' is a reference to the work of El Lissitzky, and apparently Kandinsky's 'geometrical' or Bauhaus period has also inspired Joost van Dongen, who created the game.

Dutch readers can check out this NRC-article which is mainly about the 'arty' aspect of the game. You can actually play it at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, which has the largest collection of El Lissitzky paintings outside Russia. Coming up next: a pointillistic game based on the paintings of Raoul Dufy?? Anyway that's what it says in the NRC-article. Sounds promising.