Review ~ TherapSid by Twisted-Electrons

When the French one-man company Twisted Electrons shipped it's first batch of SID-based TherapSid synths in the fall of 2014, some users experienced 'stuck notes' and MIDI-trouble but Alex seemed to react swiftly and accurately. And so, in january 2015, the € 399,- investment for a TherapSid (with 6581 chip, or € 333,- without chip) seemed justifiable. Long story short: the little monster has matured.

Don't be stupid ~ NSA, CIA, Google, Apple, Facebook etc.

The Dubbhism blog uses a Google service, called Blogger.com. We also use Facebook, Google Search, some i-devices etc. The companies behind these products are ~ in Rastafarian speak ~ 100% Babylonian. Part of the international 'military-industrial complex'.


Microtuned analog oscillators using hard sync

If you want to use analog synths/oscillators for xenharmonic music, there are MIDI-based options like the H-Pi Tuningbox, or the more advanced Silent Way soft/hardware. And there are modules like the Analogue Systems RS-130. Or you could also try a hack: maybe it's possible to hard sync your hardware with software-generated audio.

OR Combiner live @ The Noodlebar 31st januari

OR Combiner will do a mixed media/modular madness set on the 31st of januari at the infamous Noodlebar, this edition at a temporary new location: Triphouse Rotterdam HQ, West-Kruiskade 51. Line up: Kami Kapnobatai (Rotterdam), OR Combiner (Leiden), Zeitdehner (Brussel) and Wouter van Veldhoven (Utrecht). Facebook event over here.


Dynamic Tonality releases Transformer

Transformer 1.0 is a new tool for xenharmonic experrymentation, developed by Dynamic Tonality. Explore tuning~timbre relations using powerful new tricks, based on Bill Sethares' theories. Features like morphing between tunings are not very mainstream, but the live input can retune an incoming signal to any tuning. A great new toy! 


Buchla documentary (preview)

This looks like it's going to be a solid documentary about Don Buchla and his 'West-Coast' synth-design philosophy. Fully financed (with a grant and on Kickstarter), Oscar-nominated filmmaker Connie Field should be able to produce the documentary that is 'long overdue'.

Cats on Synths in Space!

is a powerful blend of techno-shamanic folklore and ancient morphic resonances of the feline kind. Idiosyncratic, non-linear visual assemblages for the masses.


Peter Blasser on JI, integers and saving energy

Here's an entertaining video featuring Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde and some of his electronic instruments.The Justints software (with the 8-bit style visuals) has some just intonation-properties.


Two quantum mysteries for the price of one

“I don't like it, and I'm sorry I ever had anything to do with it.” That's what Erwin Schrödinger had to say about quantum physics. The quantum level of 'reality'  is so mysterious and weird that it gives scientists a serious headache. But the latest discovery in quantum physics is a "nice surprise". It makes things simpler, which is rare.


Dutch Modular Design ~ Falafular

This is the 3rd time we investigate new eurorack modules developed by Dutch designers. Previously we checked out Das Ding's Baby 8 and we had a quick look at Jan Willem's Ginko Synthese (an in-depth review of his Sampleslicer coming soon on Dubbhism). But right now we have Falafular on the brain. And yes, there's a falafel-connection.



Belphegor a.k.a. the 'Lord of the Opening' is one of the seven princes of Hell. Just like the original 'Beast' this demonic creature has it's own number, and we don't mean a phone number... Take a look, but don't stare! Belphegor's Prime is a fascinating palindromic prime number, with 666 hiding between 13 zeros on each side.


How to Draw Mushrooms on an Oscilloscope

Better than Chladni Plates. DIY-crew read the manual over here.