Disco Clams use nanotech for Underwater Boogie

Renowned for their flashy displays of light, Disco Clams (Ctenoides ales) were previously thought to be bioluminescent (a great word to funk with) but this week a new study claims these fancy mollusks actually put on light shows using reflective silica nanospheres.

Mysteries of Dubb ~ Ancient Acoustics

Man has worshipped the Gods of Bass ever since the beginning of time. In the days before the pyramides, when there were no cities and no agriculture, the best places for bass worship were caves. Because caves are the ready-made dub studios of mother nature.


Dubb Cloud: Egoless ~ Junior SP & FLeCK ~ Speakah Productions ~ Clinton Sly ~ Stereotyp

Egoless ~ Junior SP & Fleck ~ Speakah Productions ~ MANJA ~ Clinton Sly ~ Radikal Guru & Brother Culture ~ Stereotyp ft. Ragga Twins ~ Psychotic Nasty ~ Barbes D ~ Bleepolar ~ Pablo Pachacutik

The Love Freaks ~ The Wire

The Love Freaks from The Hague are working on a big new album. In the meantime, check out their dubby sounds on Soundcloud.


Egoless ~ Selected Works '12 - '14

This is the second part of Egoless' Selected Works, containing some unreleased tunes, a few remixes with versions and two tunes from his new project Afro Dub System. Free download via Mediafire.


FRAKnoise the nymphslayer @ Noodlebar

On May 15th FRAKnoise, the self-confessed nymphslayer from Eindhoven (NL), did a Noodlebar set at Roodkapje. A tasty mix of synth drones, bleeps and a funky Fender Rhodes, but the theremin melodies really made the audience drool. Photo's by Hilde Speet.

DIY corner ~ spirit voices & spooky drones

Simple circuits can produce amazing results. The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is simpler than a theremin and it can sound a lot spookier. It's perfect for crazy drones. Check out the 'Disembodied Spirit Voices' @ 1:15 in the video. Want to roll your own? Go here for instructions.  


Naturegraffix ~ international eco idealism

Naturegraffix is a journal filled with comics, graphic novels and interviews. Three volumes are already available in print and online, providing art, provocative eco-idealism, and handy guidelines for 21st century cultural misfits. The official big theme is "How we influence our environment, and how the environment influences us" and the perspective is a fairly pessimistic one to be honest.


Maestro Echoplex EP-4 vs Roland RE-301

Two classic analog tape delays, the Maestro Echoplex Ep-4 and the Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo are compared using a Moog synth.


Scale add-on packs for Xen-Arts VSTi by Sevish

Our good friend and musical co-conspirator Sevish has started producing a collection of MTS microtuning add-on packs which are compatible with the Xen-Arts VSTi line produced by Jacky Ligon. If you're new to the world of xenharmonic scales, this might be just what you need to get you started. Especially if you're a pragmatic musician looking for shortcuts, trying to avoid the abstract and highly theoretical talk that's going on in some xenharmonic circles.

News from the quantum computing camp

We may be one step closer to quantum computing. A new level of reliability and stability has been reached by scientists who are trying to tame the wild world of quantum chaos. Press release over here

Chap dem Chaplin ~ Another scorcher from Manu Genius' Dubshelter

Ricky Chaplin "Chap Dem Chaplin" (Uniteam Music). Official Promomix by DJ L.Slinga. Album mixed and mastered by Manu Genius at Dubshelter Recordings. Featuring Vernon Maytone, Big Youth, Patrick Andy, Prince Alla, Kiddus I, Echo Minott. With Carlton Santa Davis, George Fully Fullwood, Tony Chin and Dean Fraser.

Inky Jack ~ Freedom

Kwame and Dipesh are back. Stadium size. The track is doing well, getting good reviews all over the place. Remember the thing we did two years ago with Inky Jack?