Dutch Modular Design ~ Falafular

This is the 3rd time we investigate new eurorack modules developed by Dutch designers. Previously we checked out Das Ding's Baby 8 and we had a quick look at Jan Willem's Ginko Synthese (an in-depth review of his Sampleslicer coming soon on Dubbhism). But right now we have Falafular on the brain. And yes, there's a falafel-connection.



Belphegor a.k.a. the 'Lord of the Opening' is one of the seven princes of Hell. Just like the original 'Beast' this demonic creature has it's own number, and we don't mean a phone number... Take a look, but don't stare! Belphegor's Prime is a fascinating palindromic prime number, with 666 hiding between 13 zeros on each side.


How to Draw Mushrooms on an Oscilloscope

Better than Chladni Plates. DIY-crew read the manual over here.

Wave Twisters

Wave Twisters is an animated adventure synched skratch for skratch with DJ QBert's turntable masterpiece. A crew of heroes, cleverly disguised as a team of oral hygenists, is determined to save the lost arts of Hip Hop from total extinction. Armed with the Wave Twister (a B-boy version of the Bopgun), they travel to the far ends of inner-space for a final confrontation with their sinister oppressors.



Lurking for many years amidst various shades of obscurity in The Hague's underground scene, the members of Iconoclast may be vintage punk veterans (since 1976) but they're no geriatric reunion band. These guys never stopped playing wild energetic music. A ruff & tuff Dubshot remix of the new track Volcano is expected in 2015.

How to cut dubplates in the future

It's every soundboy's dream: cutting your own one off vinyl dubplates. Well.. the technology is getting cheaper. The Kickstarter project Desktop Record Cutter is doing ok. But there are more roads leading to dubplate heaven, like ice, laser cutting and 3D printing. MIT Media Lab student Amanda Ghassaei leads the way, Bacardi joins the fun.


Return of the Modular Monsters

Oh no.. it's The Return of the Modular Monsters. On december 13th you can visit the Ginko Synthese modular workshop, eat ital food, hear live modular music and dance the night away at  Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden.


Dubb Cloud: Das Ding ~ OSC1899 ~ RoBBeR ~ Colloid ~ Trap&Zoid ~ Das Geheim ~ Falafel Biels

Das Ding ~ OSC1899 ~ RoBBeR ~ Colloid ~ Trap&Zoid ~ Das Geheim ~ Zenn ~ Falafel Biels


OR Combiner at the Night of the Modular Monsters

OR Combiner = Lama Waaien (Lamaha Metasynth & FX) + Tony Dubshot (Modular & FX). The Night of the Modular Monsters is a somewhat regular 'electronica event' at Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden. Next edition will be on December 13th, more info soon come.


How to make microtonal chiptune music

The subtle art of chiptune production is all about creating special effects in the mids. That's why real 8-bit music sounds best when you hear it on a noisy old laptop or something. Also, 8-bit music is best served pure. Having said that, you should really try out this handy how-to by Sevish: "Microtonal chiptune music with One-SF2 VST".


Your thoughts are made of sound

According to traditional nerve-theory, two nerve impulses sent from opposite ends of a nerve annihilate when they collide. New research from the Niels Bohr Institute now shows that two colliding nerve impulses simply pass through each other, just like sound pulses.


Out now: Various Artists ~ High (Dubbhism Deluxe)

High (Dubbhism Deluxe) is the vocals-and-dubs counterpart of the instrumental album titled Deep (Dubbhism netlabel) which was released a week ago. For High we invited Dubbhism family only: Sarah Winton, MK-Ultra and I-Lodica. It's all about soul power with a deep medi vibe. Available in all digital stores from September 8th.

Dubb Cloud: Maga Bo & Process Rebel ~ Radikal Guru ~ Steppas Records ~ Das Ding ~ Legowelt

Maga Bo & Process Rebel ~  South Rakkas Crew ~ Radikal Guru ~ Steppas Records ~ Egoless ~ Barbes D ~ Helgeland 8-bit Squad ~ Das Ding ~ Orgue Electronique ~ Legowelt


Tuning theory tutorial by John Moriarity

John Moriarity is working on a series of entry-level video tutorials about tunings and xenharmonics. His style is relaxed and he knows how to explain difficult concepts. So if you're new to xenharmonics, and want to know more about the basics ~ without getting lost in mathematical bla bla and weird concepts ~ why not give these a try.